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Promise you won’t get mad September 23, 2009

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Sisters. Best friends. Enemies. A sister sees you at your best and worst. My sister and I live together so we tend to see the best and worst in each other quite frequently. In October she is getting married and my husband, daughter, and I will be moving in with her and her husband. We’ll also be moving two dogs and two cats in with his dog. Fun times! Thankfully we have a long standing tradition of forgiveness and mercy. I can’t even remember when it started but when one of us is going through a tough time, the other will promise not to get mad, no matter what. It’s like a real life representation of salvation- to know you already have forgiveness before a transgression is commited.
This time around, I am the one offering not to get mad. My sister has a lot going on and I know she needs a safety net right now. I know her well enough to know that she needs one person she can’t let down. I stepped up to be that person. Little did I know how much I needed it.
I’ve been hanging on to bitterness lately. Clinging to irritation and unforgiveness. Sin comes naturally and it doesn’t take much effort to let it flow. The anger and frustration feel good at first. The negativity builds, almost imperceptibly, until it is so deeply rooted that seems impossible to break free from. By offering mercy to my sister, I have to let go. I have to breathe. I have to choose peace over turmoil. In the absence of judgement and anger, something has to fill the void. If my heart isn’t hard it must be soft. If I am not filled with anger I must be filled with something- love, peace, joy. Forgiveness and mercy feel good. Choosing ahead of time to be mericiful, removing anger as an option, frees me from making choices in the moment. Each situation that comes up requires only one response. Mercy. Today I will choose mercy before I even get out of bed. Mercy not just for my sister but mercy for me and for a world that desperately needs it.


One Response to “Promise you won’t get mad”

  1. hillary13 Says:

    I don’t have any blood sisters, but my husband has one sister and we have taken to each other to fill that sister void. This means all the intense stuff that comes with female companionship, but it’s relief to have someone who can see you through and still celebrate and love you.

    She lives in California so I don’t get to see her so much anymore and your post made me think of her.

    That is so lovely that your families live together! What a gift.

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